Changing Colors

Don't Just Survive. Embrace Change.Just as the seasons change and the leaves on trees change color, our bodies encounter changes over time as well. We age; we get older; our joints and organs may not function like they once did; our skin might not look like it did when we were younger; and we may find ourselves feeling ill or tired more often.


Life is filled with CHANGE. But when do we really know what we consider to be the “right time” for change to occur? Do we actually have control over change? Or do our bodies just magically become flexible and adjust to change as it happens?
Considering we have adrenal glands that empower and control our “fight or flight” response, I think change can work both ways. Change can definitely consume us if we let it. We can become a product of constant change. Our bodies can become stressed, we can become tired, and our mood can become overwhelmingly negative. Your mind may ask, “Why me? What else can go wrong? This has been a horrible year!”
OR…you can choose to control at least part or some of that change. Instead of being a product of change, start to take some action to help alleviate those weekly stressors that tend to occur. Change usually occurs in patterns and if you enjoy a routine or schedule like I do, constant change may send your system into overdrive.
Lately, I have allowed constant change to consume me. I have been feeling overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted, and very negative to say the least. By allowing change to affect me in these ways, I have not enjoyed a single day. I have merely survived; gone through the motions and completed tasks by the very last minute just because I had to. I feel like I’ve fallen behind, that I’m living in constant chaos, and that everything in life is suffering because of it.


I’ve let change control me instead of me controlling it. I’ve let myself be consumed by change. Sound familiar?
It is so easy to move through life without emotion. Step-by-step, day-by-day, we go through the motions and do what we have to do to survive. We wake in the morning, follow some kind of morning routine to get ready for the day, drop kids off at school or daycare, complete our responsibilities at work, maybe find time for lunch, run home to a house full of laundry, cleaning, homework, dinner to prepare, and a dog and family that want attention. Or we may be blessed enough to stay home with our kids throughout the day but that comes with its’ own challenges that I’m not even going to pretend to understand.
But the big question is…are we really living? By allowing change to consume us and by going through the motions each day, are we truly experiencing life to its fullest potential? Are we making memories with our kids and families? Are we creating routines of power? Are we taking time to enjoy what is around us?
In all honesty, probably not.

Let’s Reflect:

When I think about this past year, I wonder where it went. It’s almost October and I can’t seem to remember many experiences that were memorable. It all becomes one huge blur and all I can think about are the negative experiences that we’ve encountered. THE negative. NOT the positive. See the problem?
By allowing change to consume me, I’ve lost. I’ve lost precious time with my family, memories that last, and experiences that we can cherish forever. I’ve lost the emotional growth, the physical limitations, and fleeting friendships that were only present when they were thrust straight in my face. I’ve lost quality time with my son, needed time with my husband, and personal time for myself. And our current lifestyle reflects that.
And I’m not saying that we haven’t had these moments because we have. But when change consumes and causes you to become negative, it doesn’t matter what else you experience; you’ll just remember the negative and you’ll only remember pieces of what could have been a positive experience. The memories don’t last as long as you’d like them to and you lose out on various moments because you’re too worried, overwhelmed, overworked, or exhausted to contribute to the true experience.
So what can we do about it? Can we truly control CHANGE? Most of the time, the answer is probably NO. I don’t really think we can control much of change. UNLESS we are causing it. But, what we do have control over, is our REACTION to change.
If meal planning stresses us
out, could we find a meal planning service that works? If making dinner is too tiring for us after a long day, could we learn how to use freezer or crockpot meals? Could we cook or prep on the weekends to help lessen the load during the week? If our schedules are hectic, can we calm them down? Can we change positions, re-organize our schedule, or find a solution that works?

It’s Okay to Change:

Instead of allowing change to consume us, we can control how we allow it to affect us. WE can control how we handle change and what we can do about it to make that change easier.
WE have the ability to take CONTROL of our REACTION to change. WE can CHOOSE to be the pretty leaves changing color instead of the stubborn green ones refusing to turn. WE have the ability to control our RESPONSE and can learn how to embrace all that we experience.
There never is a RIGHT TIME to embrace CHANGE. We just have to acknowledge our stressors, learn how to best cope with them, and implement strategies that work. We also need to know that WE CAN.
Confidence and support are key. Without them, we may just continue surviving and that my friend, would be a very sad thing. Before we know it, it’ll be 30 years from now and we wouldn’t have lived a single day of it.
Don’t just survive. Embrace and CHANGE color.

Image Copyright: Tina Marteney