Sometimes…it’s good to SLOW DOWN

Beautiful Sun Shining through the Trees

I’m sure many of us are used to a very busy lifestyle. One that is covered with multiple appointments on our family calendars regardless of whether it’s play dates, sports games, or events that we have planned. But sometimes, I feel that we keep ourselves so busy that we never have time to truly soak in the opportunities we are experiencing. We never have time to be thankful for what we have or to think positively when things don’t go as expected.

At the beginning of 2016, I vowed to slow life down. My entire life has been dedicated to busy…always making plans, consistently accepting membership in so many things, and rarely ever just relaxing or sitting down. Ever since my health has declined and I’ve been working on accepting life as it is instead of as what it once was, my husband and I decided it was time to slow down…slow down and truly enjoy life as it was.

It was at this moment that I closed my wedding and portrait photography business, HohlaCreations, which had been a huge part of my life for the past five years. Even though my official business was closed and I was no longer advertising, I found myself still accepting sessions “when I had the time”. Considering that this continued to be physically draining, it was very hard for me to give it up even though I knew it was for the best.

Even though I vowed to slow things down, my mind really seemed to struggle with this. If I slowed down, didn’t that mean that my chronic illnesses and autoimmune conditions won? Didn’t that make me lazy? No. Not at all. That made me smart. Finding a balance of busy and rest is very important with an autoimmune disease (or in my case multiple ones). I’ve learned that rest is just as important as busy. Your body truly needs time to rest in order to keep pushing through some of those times that you can’t.

What is Autoimmune:

Remember, your body is already busy attacking itself on a daily basis. That’s what autoimmune is. It means that your body decides that something within it isn’t right and it mistakenly starts to fight itself even though there might not be anything wrong. This happens without you even doing anything with your day. Your body is tired before you even move. So, I’ve learned that when you keep pushing and stay consistently busy, eventually you crash. This is usually seen in the form of a crazy flare, ER visit with weird symptoms, or complete and total exhaustion. Your body is not what it was 10 maybe 20 years ago. It’s already fighting a battle and keeping you busy every day.

Sometimes when you put life in perspective and accept your blessings, it’s truly important and okay to slow things down. Enjoy what you have and remember to soak it all in. Every moment counts and if you’re too busy rushing through life, you’ll never truly experience anything. Life will flash by right before your eyes and before you know it, you’ll be much older, your kids will be grown, and all you’ll have are those memories of busy. Instead, enjoy those memories of actual events and time spent with your loved ones and enjoy slowing down.

Sometimes…it’s good to SLOW DOWN.

Image Copyright: Tina Marteney